tumblr is so clever what am i doing here

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omfg so today I saw a man and a woman holding hands in public, i mean i don’t have anything against heterosexuality but don’t flaunt it in front of me, think of the kids omfg

I don’t have anything against it either. I really don’t. My best friend is straight, but like, keep it in the bedroom you know?

guys im straight


louis used to feel so left out of the band because he was excluded from solos and he was known as the “other member” of one direction that everyone left out and his parents got divorced during the beginning of his career, and now he’s writing full albums, having a solo in every single song, taking ownership of his own charities, plays for a football team, he is now the highest paid member of 1d anD HE’S JUST SUCH A GOOD PERSON I LOVE LOUIS TOMLINSON




Anonymous asked: I just noticed, that ed sheeran posted the "my best friend ist getting married totay"-tweet on the 28. of september 2013. And NOW look at Louis in ear thing. It is not only his soccer number. It is his wedding day :00000


lol, if I remember correctly.. I think we figured out what friend(s) he was talking about? But, either way.. It’s a cute idea because Harry tweeted “we don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall” the day after the Ed tweet. But, that doesn’t really make sense???

Idk, but do Louis’ in-ears really have “28” on them? I must’ve missed that! I like the way you think, tho. 😎 haha, and yooooo! If they hypothetically did get hitched.. Their 1 year anniversary would be in a few days. :)

erm… ed was actually talking about his other friend, not harry. i think the ‘28’ in the louis ear thing is not about the tweet or anything. harrys tweet its only there… i dont remeber why but yeah… when i first saw all that suff i was like “what the fuck is this” and the whole fandom was just “what the fuck is this” but then we realized what it means

Anonymous asked: What do you think about the new Eleanor's picture in IG and the picture of Harry in his profile in Twitter ?

theyre at the same a place… and eleanor came from england just to take a picture.

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so basically in less than 10 minutes eleanor posted that picture harry changed his icon to a pic where he’s at the same place as louis and eleanor. we see you.

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One Direction backstage Q&A at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

my otp is prettier than yours ++

[HQs] Harry out in Hollywood after the Coldplay concert on Wednesday night - 17/9






list of people that should be harry’s december gf:

  • louis tomlinson
  • louis william tomlinson
  • louis the tommo tomlinson
  • boobear
  • the oldest member of one direction
  • guy that has nice curves and a heart of gold
  • the one that share complementary tattoos with harry
  • louis tomlinson

larry shippers: brazil was great

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